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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Why is your Glucometer better?
  • Why aren't human meters accurate for animals?
  • Why do I want to buy your glucometer?
  • What makes the strips Animal Validated?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
  • Does the GlucoPet System read results in mg/dl or mmol/L?
  • Where do I buy your glucometer and additional test strips?
  • For what species have you validated the meter?

     Why is your Glucometer better?
    Our meter is superior to other animal validated meters due to the following: 1. We have adapted the latest technology to accurately measure blood glucose levels in cats and dogs. 2. Uses a small blood sample 3. Fast (approximately 9 seconds) 4. Accurate at low levels 5. The strip acts like a sponge and draws the blood into the channel of the test strip. 6. An audible beep signals when strip is full. 7. Read test results after the next audible beep
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     Why aren't human meters accurate for animals?
    Several problems exist when trying to use human validated strips to measure whole blood glucose levels in animals. First, all glucose strips consist of two layers of membranes. One layer (a membrane with small pores) separates the red blood cells from the plasma (the glucose containing component of whole blood). A second layer contains chemicals which specifically measure the glucose content of the plasma. The red blood cells of animals flow through the first membrane slower than human red blood cells due to the difference in size and shape. Therefore, since the meter is set to measure at a specific time after adding the sample the value will be lower than expected. The difference in the meter value and the actual value is dependent on the meter manufacturer's membrane selection and time setting. Second, human meters and lots of strips are extensively validated for glucose values in normal range (70-120 mg/dl) and values slightly higher or lower than the normal range. However, since they were designed to help diabetics maintain their normal glucose levels there is no need to extensively validate the meter at extremely high or low levels. We have evaluated 6 of the most commonly used human meters and animal values were 30 to 60 mg/dl lower than human values placing the normal range of cats and dogs in the danger region for hypoglycemia and causing hypoglycemic animals to fall into the undetectable range. A similar problem exists at values greater than 200 mg/dl. Meters can read from 100-180 mg/dl lower than the actual value causing underestimation of glucose levels.
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     Why do I want to buy your glucometer?
    First, it uses animal validated strips. We have adjusted the standard curve to reflect animal ranges rather than human ranges. Second, we will continue to support the system with animal validated glucose strips. We will make all the adjustments necessary and you will just have to pick the new code in order to run a new lot of test strips. Therefore the results are consistent from lot to lot alleviating the worries associated with changes in values being due to different lots.
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     What makes the strips Animal Validated?
    We used animal samples to validate our glucometer strips. We did not just take the human parameters and say it is for animals. We did extensive testing to validate the unit for animals through veterinary and home beta sites. We also did laboratory comparisons. We have made special adjustments to ensure that the strip curve meets the needs for animal blood and the values are consistent with laboratory values which we consider the gold standard.
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     Is there a money back guarantee?
    We have a 30 day money back guarantee for new users if the meter does not work out for you. We will refund any unopened vials of strips. Postage not refundable.
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     Does the GlucoPet System read results in mg/dl or mmol/L?
    The GlucoPet System can provide results in either unit of measurement. You simply select the preferred unit of measurement during the set-up procedure. Step-by-step instruction is available in the Owner's Booklet.
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     Where do I buy your glucometer and additional test strips?
    You can purchase our products at our online store. For any questions, email our office. Our test strips are specific for this meter and other strips from any other source will not be accurate.
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     For what species have you validated the meter?
    The meter has been validated for canine, feline, equine and ferret.
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