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Search no more! ADM has what you need to manage your pet's diabetes.

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My name is Colleen Carmichael, and I am a CVT at Elmbrook Veterinary Clinic in Brookfield, WI. I ordered my first glucometer from Animal Diabetes Management in October of 2004, and the whole clinic has been truly pleased with the company and product. The doctors were skeptical at first, so I ordered one on my own and practiced on my own pets. Obtaining samples with the lancing device, by myself, was the hardest part of the whole procedure, but it didn't take long for me to learn a few tricks to make sampling easy & painless for my patient critters. Next, we started checking for accuracy before we started using it for our diabetic clients. Every time we drew a blood panel, we checked a blood glucose with the glucometer, then compared it to our results from the lab or in-house testing. We were all thrilled with the accuracy of the glucometer!! We also used it on in-clinic glucose curves and it wasn't long before we were all confident enough in the results to introduce it to clients willing to try testing on their own at home. It also proved valuable for immediate results with suspected hypoglycemic patients. You just can't beat results in 5 seconds!!

Clients willing to test with glucometers at home usually feel more in control, more informed and are able to keep their animal's diabetes controlled better. It enables them to do curves at home and email us the results, so we can adjust insulin doses as needed. I believe that results for some animals are more accurate when done at home, without the added stress of being in the clinic (not to mention some cats that just don't have a sense of humor when they come to us!!). Clients also appreciate being able to keep better track of their pet's condition with less expense. The blood sample needed to test is so tiny, even some of the most squeamish can overcome their fears!

It has always been a delight to work with Animal Diabetes Management. I call Karen and it's like dealing with a friend, or at least an extension of my own clinic. I can place an order and, no matter what it is, I can usually expect delivery in about 2 days. She always knows who I am, and makes ordering simple. I usually keep 3 glucometers on hand: one for clinic use and a couple, complete with easy to use instructions, for demonstrations, ready to give to a client at a moment's notice. Another big-name company has begun marketing their own product, and has been after me to try it, but I'll just stay loyal to Karen. You just can't beat the service, quality or price!! I simply cannot recommend this company and product highly enough!!


Colleen Carmichael, CVT

Elmbrook Veterinary Clinic

Brookfield, WI

Home User

I have been using an animal calibrated glucometer and strips from Animal Diabetes

Management since Jan. 2006, for my cat Einstein, who was diagnosed with diabetes in

Sept. 2005. Einstein went into remission in mid-June 2008 and remains non- diabetic.

Nonetheless, I still check his blood glucose level with the ADM glucometer, just to be sure.

The meter is easy to use and the strips as well, which "sip up" the little blood drop nicely.

The best experience in my interactions with ADM is the wonderful customer service. I feel

comfortable calling the manager, Karen, at any time. She and her sister Kris have always

been very helpful and gracious.

Patty Laswick



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