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Meter doesn't turn on after inserting test strip

Probable Cause What To Do
The battery is dead. Replace the battery. The battery is good for approximately 5000 tests.
The battery is installed incorrectly, or there is no battery in the meter. Check that the battery is installed correctly.
Test strip inserted upside down, wrong end in or completely inserted into the meter. Insert the test strip correctly with the "<<<" facing up and the top of the strip in the meter.
Defective meter or test strip. Call ADM Customer Service.
Blood or foreign objects put into test strip port. Call ADM Customer Service.

Test does not start after applying the blood sample.

Probable Cause What To Do
Blood sample too small. Repeat the test using a new test strip and a larger blood sample.
Sample applied after automatic shutoff (3 minutes). Repeat the test using the new test strip. Wait until you see the flashing "test strip symbol" on the screen before you apply the blood.
Defective test strip. Repeat test with a new test strip.
Defective meter or test strip. Contact ADM Customer Service.

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